A variety of Hijab styles to choose from

Hijab StylesHijabs come in a wide selection of styles, fabrics and colors. The bold, colorful hijab stylesand comfortable fabric serve as a fashionable style for the devout yet modern Islamic woman.

Pashmina, a light, rectangular-shaped and comfortable fabric is one of the common hijab styles available. An authentic Pashmina is pricey but it offers a great extent of versatility and the choice to either tie or wrap putting on. Single and two-piece Hijabs are commonly available for fashion and comfort of wear. Both are highly durable and convenient option for matching with any outfit. They are also accessible in a variety of shades ranging from traditional black to brown, earth tones to oranges and pretty pinks to greens.

We also have the long hijab, which is rectangular-shaped and flexible. Accessible in a number of fabrics including silk, cotton and satin, it offers a great versatility in wearing with the length allowing for easy turning and folding into many diverse shapes. There is also the square Hijab mainly made of cotton and polyester fabric. It fits well those with slim and long face shapes. Lastly, we have the shawl-style Hijabs accessible as one, square or rectangular piece of cloth and in an array of colors as well as patterns.